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Rockland Montessori Academy accepts children into the program that are between the ages of three (3) years old through kindergarten

Rockland Montessori Academy is like a “little school” for “little people”! Our school year is just like any other school, mirroring the Malden Public School schedule. Our school year begins in September on the Tuesday after Labor Day, and ends in June on the Friday before Father’s Day. Summer session, which is a relaxed, fun program, runs from the end of school in June until the week before Labor Day. We have a two week vacation in December (the week before Christmas,and the week after Christmas), one week in February, and one week in April. Tuition in NOT due for vacations. If Malden Public Schools announce school closing due to inclement weather, the Rockland cancels the day as well. School closings are announced in the morning on TV channels 4 and 7 and on radio WBZ 1030 AM.

Parents who contact Rockland Montessori Academy about registering their child are asked to come and visit the school to meet with the administrators and the teachers, to tour the school, observe the classes in session. After registration, the parents are asked to attend an “Orientation Day” along with their children before school opens in the fall so that the children can spend some time becoming familiar with their school, their classmates, and their teachers, with their mother or father right there with them. It also allows the parents an opportunity to meet their child’s teacher, and the other parents as well. Orientation Day allows the children to feel comfortable and secure with the school’s surroundings before they embark on that “first day of school”.

Two Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled each year in the evening, (one in the fall and one in the spring). Teachers meet individually with each set of parents to discuss each of their student’s progress in all areas of the preschool curriculum. A written report on each child’s annual progress will be sent home at the end of the school year.

The teachers and the Director of Rockland Montessori Academy are always available to assist parents in any problem situations and to provide information on any appropriate resources outside of the school that may be helpful to the situation. Parents are encouraged to visit the school and their child’s classroom when their child is present at anytime.