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Erin , Marc, and Lochlan MacIntosh

“As Lochlan finishes his second year at Rockland, I wanted to write to say thank you for loving our little man.

Choosing a preschool was a hard decision for me. I work in education and spend my days in classrooms. Rockland felt like the perfect place from the second we walked in. The homey feel and the welcoming atmosphere made me feel so comfortable.

Lochlan has loved his time (and snuggles) at Rockland. He’s learned so much-he’s adding and subtracting and writing too! He’s more than ready for Kindergarten next year, both emotionally and academically.  A parent couldn’t ask for more… 

Thank you for giving our son the most wonderful preschool experience.  Our family will miss Rockland. Please know that we will always sing your songs and think of you fondly.  We will miss you.”  

Krystal Murphy

 “First off, I just have to say what a joy it has been following along on the Tadpole app of all the fun and engaging material you bring to the children during circle time each and every day – the voting, the teepee with Chief Wishoskinoma – just amazing! I wait and look forward to getting the app notification every Tuesday/Thursday. The kids are learning but they are having fun, lots of fun! Gwen absolutely loves going to school. Mrs. Buckley is incredible. I’m not sure if she might have already shared this with you, but one evening as we were preparing for bedtime – we have one of those little machines that project the moon and stars on the ceiling – well Gwen stopped and said, “Mama, look Mrs. Buckley is the moon, and the stars are all the kids, look see, there’s me, there’s Brayden, Brooklynne, Sophia…” and continued to name all her new little friends. We think the world of Mrs. Buckley in our house. It was so important to me that Gwen’s first time at school – or quite frankly in the care of anyone other than us, her parents, or grandparents – be a warm and nurturing one but still teaching her the fundamental skills she would need for kindergarten, etc. And we’ve found that – and so much MORE – at the Rockland! Thank you so very much for having us.”