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Tuition is based on a weekly schedule according to the number of weeks in the Malden City school year, which is usually around 37 weeks of school.

For the convenience of parents, we offer the option of paying our yearly tuition in 37 weekly installments. Parents may pay their child’s tuition weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually. Full tuition is due for all 37 weeks of school, including the first week of school, those weeks with holidays, snow days or when your child is absent. There is no tuition due for the four school vacation weeks in December, February and April.

Tuition may be paid weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on what is most convenient for the family. We offer a 5% discount to parents who prepay their child’s yearly tuition within the first month of school. Tuition may be paid by placing an envelope in your child’s lunch box, with your child’s name on the outside of the envelope along with the session that they are enrolled in.

Rockland Montessori School depends completely on tuition payments to meet all our expenses. Because we are a private school, tuition income must cover all of our expenses in running the school, including the mortgage, utilities, teacher salaries, maintenance, all curriculum supplies, all events, speakers, and other consultants that we bring into our school. Therefore, tuition must be a solid amount in order to cover our expenses and be able to administer the very highest level educational program that our reputation rests upon! Please call or email the school and ask for the business manager, Mrs Melendez, to learn about our current rates for the session that you are interested in for your child.