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Preview of Rockland Montessori Academy

For Young Learners

122 Maple Street, Malden, Massachusetts

Starting in 1990 with traditional preschool at Rockland Nursery School, Carol Wishoski, the owner and director of the Rockland, has pursued her vision of providing premiere early education to Malden and the surrounding communities. In 1999, Mrs Wishoski melded Montessori curriculum with the traditional, creating the unique preschool and kindergarten experience of Rockland Montessori School.

In August 2010, Mrs Wishoski realized a decade-long dream by purchasing the 144 year old Victorian mansion at 122 Maple Street, Malden, just two blocks south of the school on Clifton Street. Mrs Wishoski then began the arduous task of restoring the long neglected building. Throughout Fall 2010 and Winter 2011, master craftsmen have lovingly and skillfully restored its historical architectural features, burnishing to life its majesty. The resulting school will be the perfect atmosphere of grace and beauty conducive to Montessori education.

In March 2011, Mrs Wishoski brings the Rockland community to a new era with the opening of Rockland Montessori Academy for Young Learners. Rockland Montessori Academy will offer a premiere infant and toddler program as well as the highest academic standards in preschool and kindergarten.

The new home of Rockland Montessori has these outstanding characteristics:

  • Four classrooms on each of three floors with a common foyer with science and culture works
  • Eight new or refurbished bathrooms
  • Three new kitchenettes
  • Two restored stairways: a grand stairway and a back stairway
  • One new stairway linking the second and third floor
  • Seven marble fireplaces
  • School library
  • Four doors, including a covered portico, for convenient pickup/dropoff
  • New heating/air conditioning system
  • Handicapped access ramp and bathroom
  • Many floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Historic architectural details, ex: rare gumwood, mahogany wainscoting and moldings, “Nashoba Oak” floors